Here at Divercity Consultants we work with some of the best facilitators in the country to ensure our workshops really make a difference to your staff and organization. We make it our business to ensure people leave feeling happy and challenged and that they have practical tools. Our experiential style ensures participants are active and we incorporate everyone’s learning style. We specialize in Diversity Training, Inclusion, Conflict and more. Ask us today about how to build a customized solution that works for the unique needs of your team. We are happy to work around your timing, schedule and interests.

Some of the workshops that we have presented include:

Addressing Anti-Black Racism

Diversity in the Workplace

Enhancing Diversity Competency

Managing for Inclusion



Intercultural Communication

Diversity in Small Business

Equity and Inclusion for Student Councils

Building Strong Teams

Preventing and Navigating Conflict in Public Service

Managing and De-escalating Team Conflict

Conflict Management for Youth

Diversity and Customer Service

Ombudsperson Training

Marketing 101

Social Media Set Up and Management

Niche Marketing

Living Your Dreams

New Business Idea Viability

Community Group Member Recruitment

Community Group Advocacy

All of our facilitators are equip to provide sessions via zoom, teams, webex or live.

Most of our workshops are a full day session, we offer lunch and learn, group facilitation, key note addresses and any customized options. Call us now to discuss how we can help make a difference in your organization.


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